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Vedanta Air Ambulance Service in Delhi | Patna

Get best Air Ambulance Service in Delhi by trusted air ambulance services.

Call Air Ambulance in Guwahati for Emergency Medical Assistance and Patient Transport

Posted on September 28 2019 by Vedanta Air Ambulance in air-ambulance-service-in-guwahati, air-ambulance-in-guwahati, air-ambulance-from-guwahati, air-ambulance-service-in-mumbai, air-ambulance-in-mumbai, air-ambulance-from-mumbai

People looking for urgent patient shifting service should immediately call Vedanta Air Ambulance in Guwahati and Mumbai specialized in safe patient transporting by road ambulance, train ambulance air ambulance (charter and commercial aircraft).

All the ambulance of Vedanta fully setup with an essential medical facility that required in the emergency management. Whenever in an emergency, the medical assistant of Vedanta air ambulance immediately helps and arrange an ambulance to shift a patient in case of the critical health situation of a patient.


The leading-edge equipment used to diagnose the sickness and then provide to the medical care to the patient. An ambulance should always medically fitted with machine and instrument.

Air Ambulance in Guwahati comes with high equipped medical and ICU for the critical of a patient inside the ambulance. And patient transfer under the care of doctor and paramedic team experienced in emergency management.

Now you may easily get first class medical and healthcare service nearest your city because the Air Ambulance in Mumbai brings a lot of emergency medical facilities for the patient and it includes:

Patient transport service by Train and Air Ambulance

Bedside-to-bedside patient transfer

24x7 hours service availability

MD doctor with a paramedic team

Therefore, Call the Vedanta air ambulance whenever in medical urgency.

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